Engineering problem solving with HTML5 and JS

I want to share with you a tool I’ve made.


It was born as a C program aimed at finding the minimum diameter of a pipe for a certain flow and fluid.

I was happy with it but it had a downside: Nobody close to me could readily use it. At that point I thought of the single thing that brings almost every device/OS, from iOS to GNU/Linux, to a common ground. Web browsers! Well, kind of... I've learnt the differences between their implementation of JS along the way (mostly because of the crudeness of using document.write() and prompt() in a loop for everything :grin:)

Now I feel confident enough as to show it to you. I hope to show the practicality of basic programming knowledge to my Unit Operations teachers.

TL;DR: Codepen pen link

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This looks pretty interesting, even though I have zero idea of how to use it.

What brought you to build this? Are you a chemical engineer or something?
You should make another version in English so folks like myself will have a chance of understanding it :smile:

That’s awesome…

As a side project, you can build a site that hosts multiple calculators like these for different things.
Other engineers may find it useful too.
Agree with @cmoss3 above, make it multilanguage (let the user select what language to use).

That’s right @cmoss3. I’m studying to become a chemical engineer. I made this because finding the minimum diameter of a pipe would take me between five and seven functions of one or two variables. That was more troublesome and error prone than it needed to be.

Multi-language is definitely a must if I ever want to take this further ahead, thanks! I just wanted to bring the UI(UX?) to this level of friendliness first! Now I’m thinking about the best way to implement other languages. Did anybody just said giant single-file HTML? :laughing:

There is a lot of inspiration to draw from my career @owel. Writing software solutions for some problems might be more worth it than for others but all of them can give me HTML, CSS and JS experience!