Enroll in a community college program to network?

I’m in my mid-30s now, spending my time basically being a nervous wreck for not having a career yet.

I have a degree in a humanities field, which doesn’t seem to be worth very much in terms of the job market. I spent several years teaching overseas in China and South Korea, though. It was great experience and I often miss it, but ultimately there was no career progression. A dead end job, albeit one that allows you to see the world. After so many years of that, I started to feel stress about not having a real career and moved back to America.

I’ve completed the first three certs on FreeCodeCamp, done the Colt Steele Bootcamp course, dabbled with the Odin Project, AppAcademy’s free curriculum and a few odd web dev books here and there, as well as CodeAcademy. But I often feel depressed and stressed out. I feel like the only way to actually break into the industry is to have a connection, to know someone.

Sometimes I feel like I should go back to school just to try networking, meet people. I see stories of people talking about their success stories on here, and that does give me some hope. But most of the time I feel extremely stressed out. Essentially 99.9% of the job apps I send out get met with either no response or a form rejection letter. So I wonder if it’s worth it to enroll in a community college program just to network in the hopes of finding a job?

Right now I’m working at a grocery store just to have some sort of income. Sometimes I think about going back overseas to teach, because working at a grocery store with people who are ten years younger than me and don’t have a degree is just giving me more stress, but ultimately I feel that’s not going to be a long term solution.

You could go back overseas to teach and continue to develop your developer skills in the same way you have been, apply for jobs (both remote jobs and jobs in your country), and if you get an offer back home, move back home for it. If it takes you, say, a year from now to get a job offer back home, that’s one year in an environment better for you, and you’re only out the cost of two plane tickets (assuming those teaching jobs overseas help you get set up with a place to live, etc,…).