Entering CodePEN URL Solution

MY FreeCode Camp looks and performs differently then most all tutorials i watch online. Specifically I don’t have a solution box to enter the codepen url for projects i complete. Its so frustrating. Two when i copy code from codepen that passes the tests there the code doesn’t pass the tests on FCC! Arrggg I dont get it any help would be great thanks:)

I think it would be good to give one specific example that is not working?

The Reponsive Web Design certification doesn’t accept CodePen projects anymore.

If you have issues with projects in the editor, please give a link to the project and include your code in a post

I dont have an example to give . The solution box that i see people using on various tutorials from Free Code Camp to post the URL from codepen is not there .

As I said, it doesn’t accept CodePen solutiosn anymore, You need to use the editor

Gotcha ok thanks for the response! I appreciate it.

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