Entry for the Tribute Page project

Well it’s extremely bad, I didn’t put too much time into the design of it but I felt like I was doing everything wrong So I thought I would just post it on here. https://codepen.io/FreeCodeConserve/full/paZNwN

Most of the styling and stuff I did in CSS and there is very little code I just satisfied the basic requirements. Should the styling be done in CSS or in HTML or does it not matter?

I just started coding like 3 days ago and I’m a slow learner so I don’t really understand much yet.

Your code really is not bad. You definitely did not do “everything wrong”. Just keep at it and you will get the hang of things. And yes you should be doing the styling in a css file. While you can do it in HTML, the standard is to use the css file.

Ok, thank you. I got this course on Udemy and I’ve been going through it and it’s helped me understand HTML and CSS a lot more.