Entry level - Internships

I am looking at remote internships - entry-level positions in web development. I am doing the web development module with FCC. I know that freelancing is an option. I am open to ideas. I have a resume available.

What exactly is your question?

What would be a good resource that I can utilize?

Freelancing is not necessarily “interning”. You should refine your request/question.

  1. “I am looking for entry-level remote web development freelance work, what would be a good resource?” – Upwork, Fiverr, etc.
  2. I am looking for an entry-level remote internship in web development (which if this is the case, I imagine these don’t come too easily, unless you take no pay.)

Maybe go to some of those freelance sites, check out the services people there offer in web development, and benchmark yourself. See if you can do what they can do, and what do they charge.


Thanks. I am seeking entry-level remote work in web development.

I would stay away from sites like Upwork and Fiverr if you want to freelance.
Build your portfolio and actively look for clients near you for which you can provide quality software.
By actively I mean, write them an email, call them, meet them in person, etc.
I think that a completely remote position for a freelancer (as well as an employee) is not good.
In my opinion, there has to be some kind of interaction that doesn’t happen behind a monitor in order to build trust. And trust is a must in every job.
I don’t see website like the aforementioned ones as sources of quality software, especially considering that developers there take part in a race to push their prices down and to develop too fast.
Prices that low surely can’t cover the process a freelancer has in order to assure the software he/she is developing is exactly the one needed by the customer.
And the customer anyway knows that he gets what he pays for.