Eric Simard portfolio

Got this part done. I do not have much for artistic talent. The main goal here is to show that I understand well coding and functionality. I definitely am some that needs a designer to work with, I just don’t have the eye for it.
But this is a work in progress.

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For the coding side, why don’t you try a jquery scroller to make the in-page links less abrupt.

Also, as you mentioned, the design needs some work. I am not really good at that stuff either but I usually look for inspiration from other sites. Look at this and get some ideas:

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Very good idea. Thank you. I’ll update here when the next version is done.

Thanks for the link, it gave me some ideas. Should look better now.

Good job with the scrolling.

I think icons would look better for your social links at the bottom. Here is an example of mine (needs to be updated a lot but you can see the icons at the bottom):

Maybe you can add your FCC profile and/or github to list too to show off your algorithms and other coding activity.