Erroneous Error: Make an Image Responsive

Please note: I checked the answer on this in the forum (Error in Responsive Web Design Principles?), and tried putting the code in the “Style” area, as ieahleen suggested, and got the same error only on the “display block;”.

I entered the following code for this lesson: Responsive Web Design Principles: Make an Image Responsive, and the page gives me an error for the “display: block;” portion. I also copy-pasted from the lesson, just to be sure I wasn’t somehow missing a typo…but alas, same error. I also double-checked and copy-pasted from the Give me a Hint link. Same thing. Code below.
img { max-width: 100%; display: block; height: auto; }
Thank you for an awesome site and the ability to REALLY learn to Code!

Hello freeCodeCamp Support, it looks like it was just a glitch, as I reentered what I originally wrote and today it worked!