Error "Cannot read property 'match' of undefined"

So I am doing basic css, setting the font family of an element, but when I want to finsh the lesson it shows that error, any clue what could it be?

Are you using something like codepen for your work and, if so, can you provide a link? Looking the error up through Google, it looks like a javascript error, not a CSS.

Oh no, It’s in the lesson of freecodecamp itself.

I just reran the lesson and didn’t get the same problem. My first guess is a browser error. Have you tried closing the browser and reloading the lesson?

I’ve tried closing the lesson, the session, and the browser but it’s showing the same :thinking:

What browser are you using?

Google Chrome ! :slight_smile:

Go into more-> tools and clear the data.

Just done it, but still the same :disappointed_relieved:

Ok, go here, download and install:

Then copy and paste the url of the lesson into the browser and see if it works.

The problem is the that the test is looking for the font-family property, but you don’t have a font-family property. The test is trying to see if the property matches the expected string, but because it doesn’t exist, it can’t check.

There is a syntax error “fontfamily” instead of “font-family”, but entering that mistake that doesn’t recreate the error for me.

Could be a difference in Chrome versions. @AbiG isn’t on the most recent version.