Error cloning project from Glitch website?

Hello all. I’m trying to start the “Advanced Node and Express” lessons, but everytime I try to clone the boilerplate from Glitch I’m getting an error. I’ve tried a couple different days and it’s still not working. Any ideas?

Try glitch link then fork maybe?

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tl;dr: I got it working a little while ago, but I’m not entirely sure what I did differently. :confused:

I tried the first link (the Glitch one) several times and kept getting that red error. Then I authorized Github and tried to clone it from the second link (Github) a few times and it wasn’t working.

I also tried to make a new project and just copy the text directly from Github, but that didn’t work.

I went back and tried to clone it a few different links from Github and then it worked. :man_shrugging:t2: IDK, at least it’s working now!

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To be honest, it’s not the best. I tried starting the node projects and got nowhere. Still not :100: I think.

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