Error connecting database in Express MySQL app

  • ISSUE * : everything works well in development but I keep getting * Access Denied Error * in production

  • TECHNOLOGY USED *: Node(Express Js), Sequelize & MySQL

How do fix this :palms_up_together:Screenshot_20211104-004731

I’m not sure how much we can do with what you have provided. Screenshots aren’t very helpful and you haven’t really provided much information.

I don’t know sequelize and it does sound like an auth issue but I’m wondering why it is showing a private IP (10 dot) if it is in production?

Anyway hopefully someone that knows more about this can help you.

here’s the link to the project, the issue is with the signup page

The frontend code isn’t of much help if it’s a backend issue. Where is the backend running?

Do you have a repo for the code?

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