Error: Diff is 667 characters long

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My function is working correctly but when i test it fails and it says: “Diff is 667 characters long. Set self.maxDiff to None to see it.”
But when i test it myself it shows that both, my function and the expected outcome are equal.
I’ve googled it but i couldn’t find a way to solve this.
Does anyone know the problem?
Thanks for your time.


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Challenge: Budget App

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Issue here can be tricky to notice.

One way to see what’s wrong can be the following. Duplicate in file the whole example - creating categories, making some operations and then printing out chart. Make it so examples are run one after the another. As categories are created from the scratch in the same way and performed operations are the same, then both printed out charts also should be the same. But are they? Consider what might be happening here.

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Thank you!
I just did what you told me and now it’s working, i don’t know what was happening before.

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