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kindly help and tell what im doing wrong

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import numpy as np

def calculate(list):
        if len(list) ! = 9 :
            raise ValueError("list must contains nine number")

        list = np.array(list).reshape((3, 3))

    mean = [list.mean(axis=0).tolist(),list.mean(axis=1).tolist(), np.mean(list).tolist()]
    variance = [list.variance(axis=0).tolist(),list.variance(axis=1).tolist(), np.variance(list).tolist()]
    std_dev = [list.std(axis=0).tolist(),list.std(axis=1).tolist(), np.std(list).tolist()]
    max = [list.max(axis=0).tolist(),list.max(axis=1).tolist(), np.max(list).tolist()]
    min = [list.min(axis=0).tolist(),list.min(axis=1).tolist(), np.min(list).tolist()]
    sum = [list.sum(axis=0).tolist(),list.sum(axis=1).tolist(), np.sum(list).tolist()]
        "mean" : mean,
        "variance" : variance,
        "standard deviation" : std_dev,
        "max" : max,
        "min" : min,
        "sum" : sum,

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Challenge: Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator

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What error are you getting? What did you try already to fix it?

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this what im getting as error message

Python uses indentation to distinguish code that should go together. Notice that lines with if condition and list defining have different indentation than lines below, which are also part of the calculate function.

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