Error in Make Compiler Output for a Java Compiled Program

Hello All, I am trying to get NeoVim to compile a simple Java program by using online compiler. The program itself has no ideas but I am not able to exactly output the compiled program.

I have this in my config:

autocmd Filetype java set makeprg=javac\ %            
set errorformat=%A%f:%l:\ %m,%-Z%p^,%-C%.%#           
map <F9> :make<Return>:copen<Return>                  
map <F10> :cprevious<Return>                          
map <F11> :cnext<Return>

I am using an online compiler for have program and I am able to see errors and compile but don’t know how to see the output directly in NeoVim. Any way I can do so because I couldn’t figure it out nor could find any useful information online.

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