Error in Remove Items Using splice()

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Hello, I noticed an error with the result of the example code.
The result of the example code given should be “I am feeling” and not “really happy”.
Thank you
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let array = ['I', 'am', 'feeling', 'really', 'happy'];

let newArray = array.splice(3, 2);

console.log(array); // I am feeling, not really happy
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Challenge: Remove Items Using splice()

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The example code is showing the contents of newArray, not the original array.

let array = ['I', 'am', 'feeling', 'really', 'happy'];
let newArray = array.splice(3, 2);


[ 'really', 'happy' ]

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splice function works like this:
array.splice(index, how many, item1, …, itemX);

Which means that your index is starting at position 3 in your array.

Good documentation of this function can be found here:

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Oh, I mixed up things there. I totally understand now. Thank you

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