Error in Sass Lesson

I am not passing the first lesson of the Sass Units:

I’ve declared $text-color, assigned red to it and assigned the variable to color, but the consol still says

“// running test
Your .blog-post element should have a color of red.
Your h2 elements should have a color of red.
// tests completed”

Is this a Bug or am I blind and doing something wrong?

Here's my Code

"<style type='text/sass'>
  $text-color: red;

    text-align: center;
  .blog-post, h2 {

<h1 class="header">Learn Sass</h1>
<div class="blog-post">
  <h2>Some random title</h2>
  <p>This is a paragraph with some random text in it</p>
<div class="blog-post">
  <h2>Header #2</h2>
  <p>Here is some more random text.</p>
<div class="blog-post">
  <h2>Here is another header</h2>
  <p>Even more random text within a paragraph</p>

Currently there is an open issue on github, this is a bug indeed. I hope they’ll solve it soon. Feel free to skip it for now. Some of the following lessons also buggy.

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Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

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