Error in settings.json, (pls help)

Hey guys. I bought a course on Udemy, from John Smilga, on HTML5 & CSS3 (I’m a total beginner btw, learning all about it from scratch) and he told us to install Extension called"Highlight Matching Tag" in our Visual Studio program and he told us to search inside that Extension, for " Styling Examples" —> “This is the old version’s style, with the new styling options:”

He said (and showed us) to just copy-paste that code inside our settings.json.
I did that (exactly the same way he did in his video) and yet he got no error when he pasted it and I did (I tried deleting and copy-pasting the code multiple times, but it always shows me 1 error).

Could someone please take a look at the screenshot and tell me what the problem is? What can I do to fix the error?

Have you looked at the error message? Moving the cursor or mouse pointer onto the highlighted text should display it. It should give you some idea what’s wrong here.

I did, and it shows me this:

Yeah, does that help? Take a look at the rest of the file and try to figure out where comma might be needed.

It doesn’t help, unfortunately.
When I delete that whole command I added, error always disappears. It shows up whenever I paste it again (like John in his video)

Lol, now I made it work, I just tried adding comma after my previous command, which ends with “false”.
So false, and then this whole giant command from John and now it works. Thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:

Yep. The pasted part itself should be okay. The issue is putting it into the existing code the right way. Missing comma after the previous attribute is indeed the cause of the error :slight_smile:.

yeah, I didn’t know about this but now I’ll never forget again :smiley:

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