Error in test for this challenge

Test3 is failing :

multiplesOf3and5(1000) is failing, while tests testing higher numbers than 1000 don’t fail. But that cannot be logically. Therefore the test itself must bear a mistake.

With me it gives:


but in test,
is required.

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function multiplesOf3and5(number) {
let sum = 0;
while (number > 0) {
  if (number % 5 === 0 || number % 3 === 0) {
    sum += number;
  number = number - 1;
return sum;
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Challenge: Problem 1: Multiples of 3 and 5

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Yeah your result is wrong.
You are supposed to only look at numbers BELOW the given number.
Of all the tests, 1000 is the only input divisible by 3 or 5, where the actual result is compared to the expected output → hence it’s the only one failing.
The test with 10 only looks for the datatype, but you would fail that as well, if it were for the result - as your code outputs 33, instead of the expected 23.


Thank you so much!
Shortly I thought it might be an One-Off-Error, but somehow I missed that.
And I was wondering …
Thank you!

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