Error in the below program

while True:
    fact = input("Fraction: ")
        num, denom = fact.split("/")
        x = int(num)
        y = int(denom)
        f = x/y
        if f <= 1:
    except (ValueError, ZeroDivisionError):
p = int(round(f * 100))
if p <= 1:
if p >= 99:

If i give 0/4 it gave result “E” and 0%,
but i need only “E” as a result. Help please

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the first if runs and prints E
then the second if runs and switches down to the else so it prints out the percentage.

How do you think you can stop this from happening?

Thank you, I will follow for sure.

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I don’t know, if i want to end the first if after the it got true?

You may want to try using an elif statement

Take a look for examples on this here

Thank you, Its worked.

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