Error in the HTML/CSS Registration Form

Hi There!,

This is the code am used for registration but still getting error. Please, help me anyone

I accept the terms and conditions

Welcome to the community @srikanth5d7 !

Unfortunately, the code did not post.

Could you please use the </> preformatted at the top of the text box to post the complete code for the community to assist you in resolving the problem in the code?

Thank you!

<input id="terms-and-conditions"type="checkbox"required/> I accept the <a

href=“freeCodeCamp's Terms of Service”> terms and conditions

Thank you!

I notice there is not a space between the first value and the type and before the required attribute. Try adding that as see if it works for you, please?

Please remove the space before the I and the terms and conditions and add the closing </a> at the end. of the statement.

Not working, Still same issue!!