Error login and logout

Hello, today is October 17th, 2019, and I encounter the error with log in. I even cannot log out in order to log in again.
Here is the screen shot that shows what happened after I had tried to log in with google mail.

If I still click the log in button, an error 500 timeout message appears and says “this part of freecodecamp is now offline”.

1/ Is the site really offline ? It is because I doubt that I have created a duplicate account with my gmail. I have tried to log out in order to log in, but I encounter the same error when I log in. What should I do now ?

As the big banner at the top of the forum says…

Thank you, after I made the post, I discover that someone has reported the issue.
Thanks to you, I now know that FCC has made an announcement that APIs is not working properly right now.

One again, thank you for your help.