Error "mongoose" not connected to a database

Can anybody help me solving this problem?
“mongoose should be connected to a database”
Been stuck with it for a couple of days. Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to the forum :partying_face:!

Could you provide some context? For example, is this from the Free Code Camp curriculum? If so, could you provide the link to the challenge/project and your source code on glitch, github, or anywhere publicly accessible?

Hi, it would be nice if you could provide more information about your problem. I use databases quite often in my work and could possibly help you.

Hello @kimju! Welcome to the community :grin:!

We thank you for trying to help, but please take into account the date of the post, which was a year ago :slight_smile: (hover your mouse over the date of the post to see the full date).

I’m going to close the topic now,