Error on a id selector in challenge building a gallery photo

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hello i’m stuck on selector of an id maybe i didn’t understand the exercice it’s on challenge building on photo gallery using flexbox here is my code if someone can help me i’m a beginner

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html code i create a new div to attribute the property of the box here is my css file

Normalize your box model by creating a * selector and setting the box-sizing property to border-box .

css code


i have an error like this


Sorry, your code does not pass. You’re getting there.


You should have a * selector.

There is an * selector that selects everything.(* {}).
Border box is a value (: border-box;).
Box sizing is a property (box-sizing: ).
Just to tell you, there are no property’s without a value.

i already corrected myself but thank you for your answer same thing for my next post :ok_hand: :+1:
i love the site community is very helpful and very nice gracias amigo

The code that worked for me was:

Mod edit: solution redacted

I hope it worked also for you all.

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