Error: Request errror: 0

Hi, i just joined your community and started to learn HTML, but now i cant check tasks. It shows “Error: Request errror: 0” title in the section below. How can i fix this problem?
I have passed 8 or 9 lessons and everything was ok, but now that lessons dont work as well.
Windows 10, PC

Are you still having this problem? From your screenshot, it looks like there are a few things going wrong. I notice that the freeCodeCamp CSS isn’t being applied to your view.

Yes, it still happens on Google Chrome.
I got Mozilla and now its ok, but i still wonder how to fix this problem on Chrome

Do you have extensions added to Chrome?

adblock, frigate and google docs are active.
anyway, everything was working in the beginning and i changed nothing

Can you try disabling your extensions? Something is preventing FCC from working properly.

Oh, indeed, frigate is off and now everything works, thank you!
Now i wonder why it was working in the beginning, but its not so important :slight_smile:

There is different code involved in the tests of each challenge, so frigate may screw up some challenges but not others.

Okay, thank you, you helped a lot!

I’m glad that we could figure it out together. Happy coding!