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Greetings to all he community hope you all are good this morning, i hereby come to ask for help don’t what i’m missing in my solution but the marker keeps prompting me with the error mesage of missing serve statement.
serve static files

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Challenge: Serve Static Assets

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Not sure if this was changed in the meantime, but the code on the replit is different than what’s on your image.

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Hello @sanity thanks for responding. So yes i had to change it and test more opetion sincefrom the comments in the challenge the first path is optional, so i removed it

Hello @jwilkins.oboe please could you give a look on this and tell me how you see it ?

Well, I’ve forked your project, and with code that’s on image on line 5, challenge passed for me.

Are you submitting the correct link?

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I also forked the project and used your original code and was able to get it to pass.

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Thanks for your feedback i did checked my link but still cannot get any correct tik from the marker. may be it is a probleme with my pc let me continue checking whatsa wrong

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