Error when running composer October CMS

> php artisan october:util set build

In Date.php line 10:
  Declaration of Jenssegers\Date\Date::diffForHumans(?Carbon\Carbon $since =   
  NULL, $absolute = false, $short = false) should be compatible with Carbon\C  
  arbon::diffForHumans(?Carbon\Carbon $other = NULL, $absolute = false, $shor  
  t = false, $parts = 1)                                                       

Script php artisan october:util set build handling the post-update-cmd event returned with error code 1

What’s your question? FCC doesn’t primarily deal with PHP, but there are some folks around here who might be able to help if you give more details.

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I downloaded it from the original website, but figured out that there is probably a bug in it. Therefore I have installed that one from GitHub.

Same problem here!!! I don’t know how fix in October CMS…

Do not know how far you are on you project now, but if that is not the case you could always use this to install from scratch.

This worked fine for me:
~/my-octobercms-project$ composer require jenssegers/date:3.3.1
Upgrade Jenssegers/Date version to 3.3.1. to solve this error