Error when trying to work on lesson


I am working on the Basic Javascript lessons and I am having trouble with Iterate with Javascript While Loops lesson. Every time I try to work on it something goes wrong and I get a screen with a image of a file folder with a face and it says “Aw, Snap!”. What do I do?

I was able to go through the next lesson Iterate with Javascript For Loops with no problem.

Thanks in advance!

Can you please show a screenshot of your code before it says “Aw, Snap!”. I am guessing your code has an infinite loop which is causing the browser to crash. Try deleting the cache for the site or clicking the Reset Code button (if you can do it fast enough). This would at least reset the code back to the original seed code for the challenge.

here’s the screenshot

I was able to press the Reset button. It looks okay now.

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The code in the screenshot would definitely have cause an infinite loop. Do you understand why?

The condition will always be true and there is nothing in place to stop the loop?

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@Avanthi Yes, you nailed it!