Errors when trying to contribute to fCC curriculum


I followed this link in order to contribute to fCC How to make your first pull request on GitHub

this is the error that I get with the command git clone [my forked repository from freeCodeCamp] in Git:
“Clone succeeded, but checkout failed”

The issues:

  • a lot of files from this repository are being deleted automatically for example deleted: docs/i18n/chinese/
    (178,000 deletions). Before I cloned my forked repository I made sure to sync my forked repo. I committed these deletions including my contribution on 1 file but I did not open a pull request

  • I don’t have enough local space to host this repository

  • another type of error is in this form too error: unable to create file curriculum/challenges/swahili/02-javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures/functional-programming/ Filename too long

  • when I clicked on commit info on GitHub “This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.”

How can I fix these issues?

Hello there,

Did you run git clone --depth=1 <repo>? That should help.

Otherwise, the filename issue can be fixed with[1]:

git config --system core.longpaths true

However, I assume this means you are developing on Windows? If so, note that we do not support Windows for freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp. Instead, it is recommended to install WSL, or use Gitpod.

Hope this helps

  1. Filename too long in Git for Windows - Stack Overflow ↩︎

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