ES/6 old writting in React

I see in some Rect exercices like
that you use “old” maner of writting with classes : could it be renewed please ?

like :
function Kitten() {
return (

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I’m not sure what this has to do with ES6, but…

I am a professional React develop. I pretty much only write functional components now. It is the future.

But you still have to understand class components. I work with old code sometimes and if I didn’t know class components, I would be lost. (I had to work on one just yesterday.) Remember that when new technologies come along, all the code in the world doesn’t automatically change, and many projects might still be working with older versions, etc. for a long time. You need to know class components. They also provide a solid basis for React in general.

I don’t think they should get rid of the class component sections. But I do hope that they will eventually expand the function component section and have a section on hooks. But that takes a lot of work and there are a lot of priorities for this volunteer team. I’m sure it will get done eventually. And the more people that help on the project, the sooner we’ll get there.

Thanks for so quick reply Kevin.
I am professional developper and upgrade my knowledge with another training course in parallel and I have been warned of the class writing components maner . I do imagin that it is a big work ( I donate also for that after having attended Javascript training) , and if I were authorized I would be interested in doing at first corrections of existing exercises as a participation. Do you know how to proceed ?

I have been warned of the class writing components maner

That shocks me. Learning React without classes would be a big mistake - there would be a lot of projects on which you could not work. I agree that it would be a mistake to not learn functional components, but you need class components.

There are people that are making the high level discussions about the direction of the site. I am not a part of those discussions. There is a Contributers subforum here where some lower level discussions take place, and you can look at the github repo to see what the issues are. Beyond that, I’d look around for articles talking about what FCC is doing and press releases to understand what the direction/plan is.

But I don’t think things work like, “I want to add this section, let me plan, design, and create it”. Things would get ugly really fast if everyone did that.

But by all means, take a look at the repo and see how you can help. And maybe in time you can have a voice in the plan.

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