ES6 curriculum, topics and terms not covered in previous lessons

I’ve noticed that “ES6” in the curriculum covers topics and terms not discussed in the previous module “Basic Javascript”, for example “constructor functions”, i think it would be more easy to follow along “ES6” module if the topics and terms in it are discussed in an earlier module.

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Hello there,

As for the example of the constructor functions, they are new to ES6, and do not apply (in the context of a class) to <ES5.

Hope this clarifies.

Constructor functions were used before the class to create objects, and ES6 came to change the syntax, i think it would be better if they push the ES6 module to the end of the javascript certification, as ES6 deals more about changes in the syntax of what was already been used, so beginners have a good understanding first of the aspects before dealing with the syntax.

I get your point, but I could imagine that it’s only a temporary problem because the ES6 module could disappear from the curriculum entirely, as soon as the JavaScript section gets an update, so that

  • the var keyword disappears completely
  • arrow functions are introduced shortly after regular functions
  • spread operator becomes part of the section about arrays

Constructor functions would then only be discussed in the block about Object Orientated JavaScript, where they actually belong.

For example: this topic : Object Oriented Programming: Use a Constructor to Create Objects comes after the ES6 module, while the ES6 module talks about Function Constructor before, so the beginner may get blocked and quit.

Thanks for that. That is a decent example, and I now see what you are getting at.

happy birthday by the way :joy:

Thank you, bedward :smile: