ES6 new sign introduction

what is the purpose of the es6 section. you are making the programmer more confusing by introducing new things to the code to remember. it is not making the programming any easier it is making it more harder to learn new signs and and remember those stupid signs. i thought the purpose to introduce new things to the language is to make the programming experience much easier. this makes it much harder. what is the blue hell is all about it. what the hell

Life, especially in programming, is a constant learning.
And if you want to be a programmer you need to be open to learning new things.
ES6 represent an important part of JavaScript and it’s very important that you know that. Also it DOES make life easier when programming.
If at the moment they are too difficult for you, you should go back on the previous modules to solidify your knowledge of those.
Also it’s better not to rush on the learning, but rather take your time so that each lesson is really understood and learnt.
Finally, remember that repetition plays a very important factor in the learning process. Which means, do more than once the parts you find difficult to learn.

FCC is built thanks to nice people that help building up the curriculum.
If you have suggestion on how to improve the section, you could always help the contributors out.

Edit: actually nowadays in every field of work you need to be open to constant learning, not only in programming.

I love to learn the new things and I want to learn ES6. But I think the way FCC present in ES6 section is too advanced and bad explained. It shouldn’t be the after you just completed Basic JavaScript section.

OK i may believe you but maybe slikheaw is right is just badly explained because when i do the basic javascript tutorial. the one above, i got so good at it that i thought i could do anything. when i went to es6 tutorial it is just alien to me. i forget almost everything i learned in the previous lessons. i dont know man what is the problem is. If it is me or is it badly instructed. it is one of the two

The road provided by FCC is just a blueprint (it’s not meant to be exhaustive, because nothing would be - unless you to read the actual documentation for a specific feature).
You then need to expand it by doing more research on your own, if the info provided by FCC is not enough.
Try the explaination in this website:
These are just some of the first results by googling “ES6 explained”.