ES6 section of the JS's certification program is way too hard

The only background someone going into this section has, is the Basic Javascript section that came before it, which I completed, and the html/css, that I also completed, but that has absolutely nothing to do with JS.

My problem is not that I have to research, take my time, and think for hours, to solve the ES6 challenges, it’s that in order to progress through a lot of them, I have to literally copy code, otherwise I can’t move forward, because I don’t know how to solve them.
The one section that came before it, doesn’t prepare you for these challenges, it only teaches you the syntax, but there is absolutely no way to have the logic and experience required to solve the ES6 challenges, as someone with only a week of programming background, since that’s how long it took to get through responsive web design and JS basics sections.

In only a few days, I went from console.log(“Hello World”), to using getters and setters in order to create a thermostat, that’s absurd, there was no middle ground, no ‘easing into it’ , nothing to prepare you for this. The challenges in the Basic Javascript were for the most part rather simple, until the very end, with some exceptions ( recursion ), and then ES6 came.

It’s disheartening, I decided to pause the fcc journey for now, and get more experience under my belt with other learning platforms, before coming back and continuing what I started here.

I don’t have any questions, just vented my frustration here. Sorry for the wall of text and for wasting your time.