ES6 TUTORIAL: Reuse codeblock failure in one of the tests

In the ES6: Use export to Reuse a Code Block I keep failing a test with the below code:

"use strict";
export const foo = "bar";
export const bar= "foo";

This passes foo but not bar.

I am beginning to think that this tutorial is not completed yet, so i will work on data structures instead.

You may please share the challenge link too? thanks.

Yes ofcourse! []

Thanks pal,

You may assume it’s a small bug for now mate.

Just add a space after bar(before =) and it passes.

"use strict";
export const foo = "bar";
export const bar = "foo";

Keep going on great work, happy programming.

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AH! My bad, lol that is something that I should write correctly to make good habits anyways.