ES6 - Use class Syntax to Define a Constructor Function

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Hello guys

Can anyone please tell me what is this meaning ?? :arrow_double_down: :arrow_double_down:

It should be noted that the class syntax is just syntax, and not a full-fledged class-based implementation of an object-oriented paradigm, unlike in languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, etc.

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const carrot = new Vegetable('carrot');
console.log(; // Should display 'carrot'

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Challenge: ES6 - Use class Syntax to Define a Constructor Function

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Ya, if you aren’t familiar with real object-oriented programming languages, for example java, then this little blurb probably doesn’t make a lot of sense and could potentially cause confusion. I’m tempted to say just ignore it for now, it’s not really that important for learning JS, at least not at this stage in your learning.

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it made my head spin first when I read it ,I appreciate your clarification .

As you learn JavaScript programming you will encounter other programming paradigms. The following article gives an idea about programming paradigms:

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