Escape key backslash problem

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my console wont see my console it turns red when i use it can some one tell me whats going on.

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var myStr=Firstline/n/t/Secondline
Thirdline;/////Change this line

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Challenge: Escape Sequences in Strings

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You have to wrap the text inside quotations marks.

var myStr = "your-text-here"

Also, to escape special character you should use backslash, instead of slash.

var myStr = "\nNewLine"
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i dont understand \n is what it says \

In your code you’re using are using / (slash)

var myStr=Firstline/n/t/Secondline

But you should be using \ (backslash). Also your text should be inside quotes ""

the problem was a lower case l for Line thanku for ur help.