Escape Sequence in String

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It’s probably a simple question, but I am really confused on how to go about this.
It is asking:

Assign the following three lines of text into the single variable myStr using escape sequences.


my code so far:

var myStr; //\nFirstLine\t\nSecondLine\\\nThirdLine

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First you need to assign a string to myStr. You currently have not done that. Also, where ever you want to display an actual \, you will need to escape it.

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It looks like the code that you have in the comment (after the //) is on the right track, but the elements need to be in a slightly different order. (EG your escaped slash, //, is currently at the end of the second line instead of where it should be.)

Once you get that section written as a string and assigned to a variable, you will be able to see it in the test output box.

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