Escape Sequences in Strings confused

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myStr should have encoded text with the proper escape sequences and no spacing. is error code keep getting. I change up my escapes and kept getting same thing an see no spaces. TIA

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var myStr="FirstLine\n\SecondLine\r\\ThirdLine\\"; 

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The problem is not a spacing issue. The issue is that your code produces the following:


instead of


I tried that then had error for no closure . Maybe a bug?

What do you mean, tried that? That is what the output should be, what Randell is showing you. What is the input that you tried? The one that you gave gives an incorrect answer. Try it again and pay very close attention to the the instructions. A lot of people get caught up on this one because they aren’t paying close enough attention. It has to be exact. Everyone assumes when they can’t solve one of these, that it’s a bug. I just solved it again - I’m pretty sure there is no bug.

Try it again. If it doesn’t work, post us what you tried.

var myStr=“FirstLine\n\SecondLine\r\ThirdLine”; this is what I tried. Thanks toboth you for responding. only been coding for couple weeks so still rpetty green.

var myStr=“FirstLine\n\SecondLine\r\ThirdLine”;

Remember if you want an actual \ to display you must escape it with another \.

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