Escape Sequences in Strings, don't really understand this

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I don’t understand what to do here.

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var myStr; " Firstline\n \\ \t Secondline \n Thirdline" // Change this line

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first of all in the instructions it says no spaces…

Ok, I tried no spaces, and I’m still missing something.

can you post your code? it would help if i could see what it is that you have written

is your code all in one line and inside of quotes?


i dont see your backslash …?

the fifth checkmark is about the backslash charecter,

OK, so I tried “FirstLine\n\t\\SecondLine\nThirdString”

Ok, I got it to work. I restarted the page. I did, “FirstLine\n\t\\SecondLine\nThirdLine”

Thank you so much for your time.