Escape Sequences in Strings.. Help please

What am I doing wrong? I’m super exhausted & also a newbie with Javascript. So bare with me. :laughing:

var myStr="FirstLine\n\t

Link to the challenge:

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You can’t split your string into multiple lines like that.

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Guess, I’ll have to re-read the challenge. Like I said; I’m pretty sleep deprived at the moment. :skull:

Also totally new to Javascript though. Thanks for the response.

Appreciate it! :facepunch:

Sounds like it’s time for a nap. :sleeping: Let your brain rest and absorb all that new knowledge.

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Gonna sleep like a baby tonight. Moved from the Seattle area to the Coachella Valley area of California last Friday. Been super busy!
Loving the weather though haha. :cactus::palm_tree::sunny: (back on topic) :upside_down_face: