Escape Sequences in Strings" I tried an tried"HELP!

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4 right
2 wrong = 1) string case sensitivity: I tried “firstLine,secondLine,thirdLine” it come back wrong…
2) newline character between second & third: I tried so many ways but none where right…

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var myStr = "FirstLine\n\t,SecondLine,ThridLine"; // Change this line

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you have a spelling mistake “ThirdLine” not “ThridLine”
The requested output should be:


Also do you see the \ in front of the SecondLine? Your code doesn’t produce that slash yet.

And finally, there are no commas anywhere, so remove the commas you added.

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Couple of issues I see

  1. You have a typo - ThridLine is not the correct spelling

  2. There should be no commas in the final solution, because there are no commas shown in the text

  3. You are missing a \ character before SecondLine, but make sure you escape it properly so it will actually display.

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