Escape Sequences in Strings IM STUPID AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO

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var myStr; FirstLine" " \\n\\t\SecondLine\\n" " ThirdLine;

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When you write a string it needs to be completely wrapped in quotes, only parts of your string are. Plus you are missing the assignment operator (=) to assign the string you are creating to the variable

what do you mean by that can you give me an example

Let’s say you have a string “Hello World”
To assign this string to a variable you use the = assignment operator
str = "Hello World"

This is somewhat your string, but you need to put quotes at the beginning and at the end, not sprinkled in the middle. That is a whole load of syntax errors.
So, first thing let’s remove quotes from the middle and put them at the beginning and end, and remove spaces just that we are there as there shouldn’t be any in the string:

You need to assign this to the provided variable, so you can see what happens with the escaped values and see if the output is correct