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I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but when I click run tests nothing is changing. So I don’t know if I am doing this right or not.

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var myStr = “
ThirdLine”; // Change this line

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Challenge: Escape Sequences in Strings

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Hey @asarathy!

The reason why you are unable to run the tests is because of syntax errors. My suggestion would be to reset the lesson.

Your task is to use the special characters for escape sequences and produce this final result.


Use this hint that FCC gave you.
“FirstLine newline tab backslash SecondLine newline ThirdLine”

Replace the words newline, tab and backslash with their respective special characters.

Hope that helps!

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It looks like you might also be using “fancy quotes” instead of quotation marks. Are you on an Apple mobile device? If so, you will need to turn of “smart punctuation” or it will keep changing what you type to make it prettier.

Hey! Thanks for replying! I did and it’s still saying syntax errors.

Here is the code I did. It worked for a bit and then stopped working - ie the algorithim changed and then when I changed something it stopped working.

var myStr FirstLine\n\t\\SecondLine\n\ThirdLine;

your code is missing the assignment operator to store a value in the variable, and the quotes to make your piece of text a string

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