Esy, new JavaScript Preprocessor

I always wanted to have a new language structure, I’m talking about an easier programming style, also I’m a JS developer so I started to add new features to JavaScript (like lots of new block headers) and I named this project Esy.
I like any feedback on this project, things you like and new ideas

In this language, you can write shorter codes and then compile them to JS (just like Less for CSS)
Full docs:
Example code:

// Cache sum for 500ms
cache 500 sum(a,b){
	return a+b;
} key (c,d){
	// We don't care about numbers order in sum function (a+b=b+a)
	return [c, d].sort();

// Compute 5+7 once

// Load theme from cache without computing

// Wait 100ms more than cache's lifetime.
timeout 600{
	// It should compute 5+7 again

Source Map Generator
Upgrade build system
Upgrade node VM

Github Repo:
Please fork this project and contribute so we can have a great community :slight_smile: