Ethics violation by disclosure

Where to complain about a violation of ethics by the information disclosure?

What do you mean?

An IT engineer, a programmer from Libya on social networks using my personal information creates on my behalf a page on facebook places my personal photos and obscene content and offers of sex services to users on them. Such a specialist should not be allowed to confidential information of their clients - I want to report it and prevent negative consequences.

If it is on facebook, then you need to do it through facebook, How to Report Things.

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Facebook blocks, but that’s not the point. Is there a blacklist of some information technology specialists? - such people should not be allowed to work in the field of IT technologies

It may be a crime that you could report. There isn’t some secret international database of programmers who have been reported though. If someone creates a fake profile, claiming to be you, on this platform you can report it and we will ban their IP Address.

I agree. I think what you are describing might count as personal harassment and depending on the country and severity it may be a criminal offense.

But it’s not like being a sex offender and getting blacklisted from working in childcare etc. Or if you do security breaches and are caught I’m sure getting a job in security will be pretty hard (or easy if they now trust you) because you have to show your criminal record.

Ok. Thanks you for your opinion.