Eureka moment during tic tac toe

Hi All.

As the title says, I have just had a major eureka moment and really wanted to share.

I am currently trying to write my first full app (tic tac toe - I know it’s not earth shattering but represents a step up for me).

Up to this point I have had a real issue trying to visualise how functions fit together to actually make a working app. A understand what each function is doing in isolation, but trying to translate that into a fully functioning app seemed a huge leap.

So I am now sat in my kitchen with a pad, writing down the logic flow for my tic tac toe and suddenly it was like a function was called in my head, and now it seems so bloody obvious that I feel a little slow…

So the reason for sharing:

  1. I’m still pretty pleased with myself (slow or not).
  2. For all those who are having difficulty or going through a rough patch and thinking that you’ll never get there: Don’t give up. Keep persevering because when it comes, that “Oh My God…” moment is worth it.

Now I need to get through tic tac toe and onwards and upwards.