European Computer Drivers Licence

Hello, I’m learning web dev and hoping to find a job within the programming industry in the future. My school offers a course where I can get the European Computer Drivers Licence (ECDL). As I have limited working experience is this something I should take?

Hello there,

I took the ICDL, so assume they are similar. As far as any of my applications have gone, no one has looked at nor asked about it. So, on my side it has been more of a dust-collector.

Honestly, the only place I see myself making use of it would be when applying for a position that has some sort of requirements list like:

  • Familiar with Word
  • Experience with Excel

The closest programming experience it gave me was Microsoft Access, and an introduction into VBA. Other than that, it included some basic CS fundamentals.

So, if ECDL and ICDL are similar, I would not say there is any link between web development and the course. If you take it, take it because you are interested in knowing some basic CS fundamentals (What is a CPU; what is intranet; what is a firewall; what is ROM; what is RAM…), and you will learn some admin-centric skills on computers.

Importantly, I finished the course in 2013/2014, so it could be vastly different, and I only took 7 or 8 modules (I think they offered 11 in total at the time). So, those could be different. Lastly, do not take my experience as final…do more research into it - maybe wait for others to reply to this.

I hope this helps