Events between pages

Hello fellow campers, in the following script I am changing the default radio button via the buttons, all of this works in the same page, but what if the buttons were in one page(file) and the radios in another? How would you approach this problem, I am thinking sending parameters via URL, is this the most efficient approach?
Thank you for your time.

Not sure why you would have buttons on one page that is used to select radio buttons on another page? What is the actual use case here, what are you trying to achieve?

You can have a state object and save it to localStorage and then retrieve it on the other page and set/change/whatever as needed.

User selects from different subscriptions plans on the offerings page, user is then redirected to form subscription page with this selection(radio button) automatically filled in. I hope I did not confuse you.
I will take a look at localStorage. Thank you.

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