Eventually I want to: (insert dream job), Questions

Is there such a thing as a “road map” to a specific destination? I am 48 and looking to begin training for something I have had an interest in for a very long time. ~ I.T.~
I have some unqualified experience. Obviously I can use a computer. I know excel fairly well. I can make it work and talk between forms and design workbooks for different scenarios. I have done beta testing for a software company while they designed software for a firm where I used to work. And I know the basics, word, access (minimal). I know how to plug things in and make them function (Most times) Ive taken basic courses in college and I did some online training (random).

I want to go forth into the world of IT. I enjoying learning code writing and am already doing that here. What do I need? what is actually relevant?

Basically, I am mission oriented individual. If I had a road map, I would crush it end to end. But I am honestly flailing in this desire to go forth. HELP!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated…

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So, since there “IT” in general is such a massive field, you can’t really get a roadmap for it.
But I am assuming you are interested in webdev as you posted this on freecodecamp, if not reply to this on what exactly you are interested.

So on that assumption, freeCodeCamp’s founder Quincy Larson has made a post on “The 2019 Web Developer Roadmap - A Visual Guide to Becoming a Front End, Back End, or DevOps Developer”.

Before you open the link keep in mind that learning to become a Developer is a step by step process that takes people years to achieve. But if you are determined enough to do so, go ahead. This map can overwhelm you if you are a beginner, but again break it down into small steps and you find that it’s really not that hard.

Here you go: Web Dev Road Map

Edit: here is another website that has the same roadmap, that is managed by a community: https://roadmap.sh/

Edit2: Here are other resources that helped me get started and may help you:

and many more (just keep looking)…

Oh and I almost forgot, this FREE online intro to computer science was a godsend for me:

I assure you that all of these above communities will be supporting of you, and is very welcoming.

Hope this helps!