Everything is wrong (JS going bonkers, HTML making it worse)

I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

Some background:
This is my personal profile page challenge entry. I wanted to give it some extra flare, so I went to the interwebs and after doing some research, managed to create a typewriter effect that was supposed to go under my name at the top.
I also wanted to give the media cards that would be holding some of my projects a little something extra, and make them flip in 3d upon clicking on them., revealing info on the back and a picture on the back.

But now everything is going wrong.
My javascript is giving me syntax and type error messages, my HTML complained about missing tags, and when I went to add them in, my typewriter function stopped working and now it won’t run at all. I also got an error with my CSS when I tried using two * for two separate things, which made it confused. So I deleted the one I was using for the media cards because I don’t know how to give them identifiers so that the computer knows that they belong to two different elements. When I did that, my Javascript went even more haywire and is now flipping out over all the JS I was using for the cards.
I’ve run out of ideas and I don’t understand what’s going on.
Please Help! :confounded: :sob:

Here is a link to this project, which is now giving me even more anxiety:https://codepen.io/NeonFoxX/pen/rNWQzjv

also, I know, the dimensions of the card look weird, I was going to fix that after I got the technical stuff working.

  1. You need to close the opening tag of .wrap span inside the .typewrite element.

  2. This document.querySelector('card__inner'); needs to be a class selector '.card__inner'

  3. Not sure what this code is supposed to be el.addEventListener('click', function); but it’s not correct. You can just remove it.

Thanks so much, everything is running smoothly now. :smile:

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