Everything ok? Survey effort; feedback appreciated

Hey y’all! Please have a discerning look at my survey

Everything OK?!

I didn’t spend a lot of time styling this. But please let me know what y’all see. And thanks again in advance!

For mobile screen its responsive but need tweaking the label and input alignments on full desktop screen :slight_smile:

Btw what if someone mom is still alive

@Maria_16 that’s really strange it didn’t work for you full desktop; it seems to look okay on mine. Could you take a screen shot? And, I’d hope one’s mom rests peacefully even should she still have this view of daisies.

I would suggest you not put all of the input’s type attribute to “password”. Only password inputs are supposed to have the password type attribute.

Very nice color, layout, and design. Great job on that.

That’s a fair observation. Is there a way to hide what is written without “password”? I wanted to give the impression of security, even if it was a farce.

Even if giving an impression of security, it is best not to hide what the user types. Only if the user is entering a payment card number or a password of logging into an account will you then set the type of “password” to the inputs.

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ops now as i am viewing that on my laptop it looks fine
at that time i was using mobile and i saw that link on full desktop version if i saw that again on mobile .i will share a screenshot.:slight_smile:

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Hello again y’all! So I removed the password hide for all but ssn, and added a pointer to button and a focus to the inputs. I do recognize that having everything in divs isn’t the best practice, but I haven’t yet toyed with removing them all, putting the classes on the appropriate elements, and then (guessing) change the class display to display: block?

Please critique as you will; I ALWAYS appreciate everything y’all throw at me. And thanks is again!

it looks good for me :slight_smile:

Many thanks! I feel like i could’ve done more, but I wanted to get this one just done and move on.