Evolution of a project

Hi all,

Last summer I went through an immersive coding camp. Learned a lot in a short period of time but always looking to improve. I wanted to share this as something I started there and with some of the things I’ve learned with fCC have seen it progress to what it is now.

We were given a project to write a Rock-Paper-Scissor game in JavaScript. I embellished a little and added ‘Lizard’ and ‘Spock’ because I’m a fan of a certain sit-com. But the game was lacking. It required the user to open the console to see the results (which my family and some friends wouldn’t understand) and to play you had to constantly refresh. There was no checks for user input, etc, etc.

So after studying a little more I evolved it so the user could play with just the browser interface, opening the console was no longer needed. So now Rock-Paper-Scissors v2 was born. It includes Alert pop-ups to start the game, it loops through until the user decides to stop, it checks for valid input and gives the user feedback on how they did. Still has some issues though, the background doesn’t always show and the user has to type.

I learned a little more and Rock-Paper-Scissors v3 is how it’s evolved so far. No more typing, the user just need click/tap on one of the icons.
At this point I have the next release in mind where you can either play against the computer or head-to-head with another player. Quite a few things to incorporate to do that so it won’t be within the next few days but I’m having fun with it.

I have other projects that I’m simultaneously working on too, plus progressing through the lessons in fCC.

That’s it…if you don’t mind, give me a little feedback on how I’ve done evolving this little game.


very nice roma :grinning:, always good to see someones progression in coding, i too am a fan of the big bang and this is the first time i have played the lizard/Spock version :smile: i look forward to seeing v4 just an idea but maybe you could try building it with a framework like vue, its easy to learn and you can just add it to your project with a cdn, it would be a great learning experience for you and learning it will always look good for future employers.

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Thanks for the feedback @biscuitmanz. I read up a little on Vue, I’ll have to take a look at it someday soon.

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